Reading Group
Welcome to my Reading Group page. Here I will have this weeks Spelling word list and the weekly classwork / homework assignments as well as when they are due. Weekly assignments for Reading Group are listed below. These will begin September 19th and continue throughout the year.

Weekly assignments-
Mon. - (in class) - New story with vocabulary words,  story questions, vocabulary definitions, Question of the Week, (homework) - spelling words 3 x each
Tues. - Workbook pages, Spellography, Grammer, Vocabulary,  (homework) - Spelling words ABC order.
Wed. - Story Questions, Spellography,  Vocabulary, (homework) Use at least 12 spelling words to write a story.
Thurs. - Vocabulary, (homework) study spelling words for test.
All homework must be handed in on a daily basis.  (by 11:00 am)
Fri. - Spelling Test, Story Test. (no homework)

Also - All students should be reading for a minimum of 20 mins. each night, every night, holidays, etc. Reading choices include: self selected book, magazine or newspaper article. Students can read silently, to a sibling or parent, aloud, to/with a friend, etc. Parents/Guardians should be signing the reading log each night. The reading log is located in the back of their notebooks.