Homework Assignments
1.  Spelling Homework - On Monday, write each word 1 time.  Scoop and mark the word. On Tuesday, choose five words and put them into abc order.  On Wednesday, write 5 sentences using a capital letter to start the sentence, and punctuation to finish the sentence.  On Thursday, study for the spelling test.  (These directions are pasted on the inside cover of the homework notebook on pink paper.)
For the week of 5/22/17:  
3rd Grade:  limitless, passes, beef, queen, heat, read, feast, teach, beak, weak

4th Grade: enlarge, bridge, unhinge, jinx, general, trudge, jittery, recharge, jackrabbit, gymnastic, judgment, unchanged

5th Grade:  muffin, cobweb, summit, lesson, lugging, happen, sudden, bottom, grasping, tripping, slamming, gladdest

2.  Reading Log - 15-20 minutes/night.  Use your own book, use website material (see links), use story sent home for the week.  Write down when and what your child read in "reading log."  "Reading log" is on colored paper, and found in homework folder.
Due Monday-Thurssday.

****There is no homework on the weekends!!!****